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The San Juan Hills High School Dance Department is committed to providing a diverse experience in dance techniques, forms, history, performance and choreographic opportunities. Check out our web page on the SJHHS website, follow us on Instagram and subscribe on YouTube for all the latest updates.

Kristine Calder

Kristine has over 35 years of dance experience.  She has trained extensively in all forms of dance in the LA and Orange County areas.  She atttended Cal State University Long Beach where she received her degree and danced for the nationally ranked and recognized dance team led by Ray Lozano.   

A year later, she received her Master's Degree in Education, specializing in multi-ethnic studies.  


Her experiences in performance include dancing for ABA, Professional Arena Football, Warner Brothers Backlot Dancer, Team USA Dancer for Japan International Dance, numerous Hollywood industrials, and a parade Cast Member at Disneyland.  


She has also received 1 of 2 coveted dance educator scholarships awarded at the Pulse Dance Convention.  In addition, she has received 4 consecutive Gold Apple Awards, for which she was nominated by her students, named a Top Teacher for Who's Who amoong American Teachers and Orange County Dance Educator of he Year in 2005 and 2015.  


She is the current Dance Director and Choreographer for San Juan Hills High School Dance Program, where she teaches 200 student on a weekly basis.  She has been teaching for the Capistrano Unified School District for 17 years.  She previously coached the national champion song, cheer, and dance teams at Dana Hills High School.  Last year, she started a modern dance conservatory to help guide students who want to pursue a college dance program.  In addition, this year she formed a competition team to help students who want to continue on a competitive dance team to enhance their college experience.

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