The San Juan Hills High School Performing Arts Boosters is the primary fundraising and volunteer support organization for the distinguished SJHHS Performing Arts Program, which includes Dance, Theatre Arts, Instrumental Music and Choral Music.

Through the Performing Arts Program at San Juan Hills High School,  students will encounter  art forms on several different levels as defined through the California State Framework including, but not limited to artistic perception, creative expression, historical and cultural context, and aesthetic valuing.


All students of varying artistic aptitude and prior experience will receive quality instruction at the appropriate level, with a focus of challenging them to reach a greater level of artistry.  Students who have the aptitude and desire to pursue any of these areas as a profession will be given the full opportunity through quality instruction and a variety of course offerings for them to reach their goal.  However, the primary focus will be to bring the creative experience to all students of San Juan Hills High School through every artistic medium to the end result that all students bring a ‘creative spirit’ and critical analysis to all of their life challenges.


Become a Member of the Performing Arts Boosters for $25 and directly support the programs and scholarship opportunities.  All members will receive a SJHHS logo car decal for the discipline of choice.  Please visit our Membership page.

Additionally, by providing an annual tax-deductible donation to your student's department, you help meet the costs associated with such a notable program and allow the teachers to further enhance the opportunities for the students.  In appreciation for your donation, your name will be prominently recognized as part of the Patron of the Arts Program on our Donor Wall in the theater lobby.  Please visit the Donor Program page for program details.


Involvement both with time and resources is vital to the Performing Arts' continued excellence.  Please feel free to contact us at to find out how you can play a part in the Performing Arts Boosters, or visit our Get Involved page.